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Warren Goldie, Owner/Writer

Seasoned marketing copywriter, content strategist and creative writer focused on providing quality solutions that generate leads and build interest. I’ve consistently developed successful B2B and B2C websites over 25 years, working with clients in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., the Denver Tech Center, and all over Iowa.

My work has won honors including finalist for the Smithsonian Innovation Award. My clients include the Fortune 100, technology companies, startups, small businesses, universities, film companies, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. I’ve produced hundreds of projects in all areas of marketing and educational writing. I look forward to helping you to achieve your business and creative goals.

• Bio and writing samples on LinkedIn
• Expertise with WordPress, Kentico and many CMS systems
• Easy integration with creative, design and technical teams and vendors
• Can recommend industry pros

Email: info@warrengoldie.com
Call: 720-608-2311
Location: Iowa City area


Solutions for small business, in-house marketing teams, and niche sellers

Is the copy on your website or marketing materials under-performing and lackluster? Are you looking to expand your reach and build your customer pipeline? I can help. My copywriting and digital marketing skills have helped organizations and individuals translate missions and aspirations into winning communications for 25+ years. I’ll improve your website, landing pages, articles, emails, blogs, SEO content, proposals, ads, and more, rapidly and cost-effectively.


Speak Clearly and Compellingly to your Audience

Who the heck are you and why should anyone listen to you? Visitors to your website and readers of your marketing materials give you an opportunity to answer these questions — for about 8 seconds. Your copy must create excitement and emotionally connect, even if there’s nothing remotely “emotional” about your offering.

Great marketing writing shows you understand your audience at a deep level, and must must be targeted, on-point, and never dull, demonstrating specifically how you can solve the reader’s problem.

I Can Help in These Areas

•  Website Copywriting
I’ve developed efficient processes that make website copywriting rapid and cost-effective. Based on your needs, I can deliver on one of these options: 1) develop all new copy, writing from the ground up, 2) update your current copy, or 3) do a refurbish, perhaps to accommodate a rebrand or new strategy.

•  Content Consulting
I’ll review your content, listen, research, ponder, theorize, and then create a plan outlining an approach to elevate your writing within your budget, based on my experience. Whether it’s writing a website, article, book, or blog—or creating a communications and social media strategy—it starts with a plan plan.

•  Landing Pages
These highly targeted pages guide the reader on a specific path of your choosing, foreseeing questions and impelling readers to follow through to a click, call, or sign-up. Landing pages must fluidly follow the copy of marketing emails.

•  Email Marketing
How do you “make the argument” to busy people who don’t read unsolicited emails? Subject lines, for starters, which must be pitch-perfect, followed by tight, friendly body copy. I’ll offer multiple creative options for both that ensure high click-through potential.

•  Blog Posts, Articles, SEO Content
Augment your marketing effort with original writing—blogs, articles, case studies, and educational pieces that build interest, keep you on customers’ minds, and offer valuable takeaways, molded around timely topics that point to your leadership.

•  Trade Show Flyers and Sell Sheets
Impress prospects with print pieces that tell their story, not just yours. I’ll customize your content with: product/service descriptions, features & benefits, bulleted lists, mini-case study, Call to Action, About Us, and more, all fit to the visual concept.

Mid-range corporate pricing. 20% discount on your first assignment. Please fill in the Contact form.

Materials I Can Develop and Write for You

•  Press releases and press kits
•  Email marketing
•  Websites and web pages
•  Trade show fliers and brochures
•  Feature and trade articles
•  Case studies
•  Creative writing

•  Brochures and flyers
•  Bios
•  Blog posts
•  Proposals
•  SEO copy
•  Sales emails
•  Prospecting emails

•  Executive ghostwriting
•  Headlines, taglines
•  Ads
•  Video scripts
•  PowerPoint presentations
•  Product descriptions
•  Personal letters

Client Feedback

“Warren’s first task was to re-brand an established 10-year-old SAP consultancy. He interviewed our team, took in our history and goals, analyzed our offerings, and worked up a point-on messaging strategy that we used in all our marketing communications.”

  —Matt Rausenberger, VP, Alliances
Swrve (former COO, MindWorks, Inc.), Broomfield, CO

“Warren is easy to get along with, he’s smart, he doesn’t need a lot of direction, and he comes with a lot of knowledge, so he’s able to write about just about any topic. His case studies were fantastic.”

—Faith Connolly, Ph.D., Executive Director
Johns Hopkins University Education Research Consortium
Baltimore, MD

“Warren is a great copywriter. He brings a depth of understanding to the work. Where others write fluff, Warren makes it interesting, as if he’s writing to you. He always gets the big picture.”

—Mary Romano, Media Director
Prairie Mountain Media
Boulder, CO

“When we have a writing gap, we bring Warren in. He has a sophistication, a flexibility, a sense of humor, and the ability to get along not only with technical people but also with management. As a writer, he is very good at making the complex understandable.”

—Luanne Cheney
Director of Marketing Communications, Candle Corp.
El Segundo, CA

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