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Warren Goldie

Warren Goldie, 15 years of experience

Seasoned marketing copywriter, content strategist and creative writer with 15 years of experience. Focus on: business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) writing, marketing, and digital content production.

I write blogs, articles, websites, SEO content, social media, case studies, video, proposals, academic papers, books (nonfiction and fiction), and more. I’ve developed brands, expertly syncing a company’s message across various platforms and social media. I work with tech companies, startups, small businesses, universities, entertainment companies, nonprofits, individuals, and entrepreneurs.

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• Writing samples on request
• Total alignment with your creative, design and technical teams

Email: info@warrengoldie.com
VM: 720-608-2311



Visitors to your website and readers of your blogs give you an opportunity to influence them — for about 8 seconds. You must make the connection immediately. I help organizations translate missions and aspirations into communications that get results, rapidly and cost-effectively.


  • Blogs, articles, websites
  • e-Books
  • SEO content
  • Press releases, press kits, ads, email marketing
  • Profiles, bios, executive ghostwriting, personal letters
  • Books
  • Scripts
  • Reports, papers, presentations
  • Creative writing, such as storytelling, film, and fiction

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  • Language to describe your products/services that’s original, impacting and exciting
  • Your message woven expertly on website, social media, articles, and online channels
  • Management of your content, including social media
  • Help devising a forward-looking communications strategy
  • Writing not only to your current business goals, but your future ones, too—where you want to be in 1/2/5 years


  • High-impact content written and posted to your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media
  • Use of SEO keywords, insuring high rankings on Google
  • Work includes research, interviews, image selection, page design, and links to appropriate sources
  • Rapid initial draft and rewrites, working until the project is perfect
  • I will do all the work—you only need to approve.

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•  FoodChain ID
•  Shoah Foundation
•  Voice of America
•  eFax.com
•  Iowa State Bank
•  Texas Instruments
•  IBM

•  Ideal Energy, Inc.
•  U.S. Dept of Energy
•  U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
•  Constellation Energy
•  Physicians Employment
•  Naviance, Inc.
•  Maharishi University

•  Biznet
•  Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
•  Genetic ID
•  Newport Nautical Museum
•  K12, Inc.
•  Physicians Employment
•  Dozens of small businesses


“Warren interviewed our team, took in our history and goals, analyzed our offerings, and worked up a point-on messaging strategy that we used in all our marketing communications.”

  —Matt Rausenberger, VP, Swrve

“Warren doesn’t need a lot of direction, and he comes with a lot of knowledge, so he’s able to write about just about any topic. His work for us was fantastic.”

—Faith Connolly, Ph.D., Executive Director,
Johns Hopkins University

“Warren is the best copywriter I ‘ve worked with. He brings an amazing depth of understanding to the job. Warren makes always understands the big picture.”

—Mary Romano, Media Director
Prairie Mountain Media

“Warren has a sophistication, a flexibility, a sense of humor, and the ability to get along not only with technical people but also with management. As a writer, he is very good at making the complex understandable.”

—Luanne Cheney, Candle

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